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We set out to raise the bar. From the moment you have your first interaction with one of our sales consultants, you are met with the professionalism and thoughtful attention A-Bec associate strives to provide each and every day just for you.

Guest Room

A-Bec Construction is able to give you everything that you can ever dream of in your guest home. From bedrooms, to kitchens, all the way to the bathrooms, and living room. No matter the size you are looking for, A-Bec construction has got you covered.

Large and bright room with bed for guests with many windows.
Luxurious theater in upscale home with red walls

Movie Room

Basements are a place where you are able to put all the things you always wanted. By putting a Movie Room into your basement it will not only give you a place to have comfort and joy with the family. This Movie Room built by A-Bec Construction will will give your basement a brand new look!

Basement Offerings

Make your guests feel comfortable and welcome with ideas from A-Bec’s guest rooms. A guest bedroom is a wonderful way to welcome family and friends into your home. No matter who it is to be staying in the house, we are set to build them the room that will give them space like they are to be in their own home.

Large and bright room with bed for guests with many windows.
additonal basement bedroom

Putting a kitchen into your basement is a huge addition to your household. It will be able to create the price and value of our house value to excel to a new level. By coming to A-Bec we will make it a whole lot easier for you with everything from the electrical all the way to the painting. A-Bec is the place to come for a new kitchen in your basement.

full basement remodel
Basement Kitchen

From the old fashion Pac-Man to all the brand new games coming out in our day. Taking that extra room you have and turning it into a arcade is one of the biggest things to ever do. A-Bec Construction can give you everything from the old fashion nickelcade look, all the way to a brand new look made just for you!

Fun play room home interior. Basement room without windows with pool table, TV, games.
billiard table in red room 3d image
game room for basement

A-Bec Constructions Home Theaters are built for the in home purpose of enjoying your everyday movies, television, and sports with the real cinema experience. They’re typically a closed room to give you the complete control of light and sound. A-Bec Construction wants to be able to give you your own movie theater in just a matter of step for everyone to enjoy!

Luxurious theater in upscale home with red walls
Stunning stylish home cinema. Luxury home theater design

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Can’t say enough about the A-Bec Construction. A-Bec took care of us from beginning to end. They walked us every step of the way and made sure we got exactly what we want. I wish I could post a picture with this review as words do not describe what an amazing job they did on our renovations

Bonnie OA-Bec Construction

Not only is Mario incredibly nice, he’s also responsive and thorough. We had him and his guys come out and redo some flooring. They did everything in 2.5 days and it’s top notch work. Mario came and checked in on the work often and made sure I was completely happy with everything. I will recommend him to ALL my friends and use him for any quality, serious work we need done in the future.

Carly BA-Bec Construction

What can I say about this company and our experience? 1st. Great customer service, 2nd price was reasonable, 3rd quality of work excellent. This company went above and beyond our expectations. The painters took pride in their work as well as our furniture in the house. Once they finished we had made a color change in our living room. Called them and they said no problem, the painter came out and took care of it. All I can say is I recommend this company and if you have the pleasure of having Smajo as your painter. You will definitely be in good hands.

Thomas FA-Bec Construction

Basement Remodel. During the remodeling project at our home almost 2 years ago , it was our distinct pleasure to work closely with Mario Sanchez, the owner. During all aspects of the project he was available, courteous and above all, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We were also very pleased with the work of all your sub contractors and the very professional way they went about their work. Mario did a great job of coordinating their efforts, which enabled the project to be completed ahead of the anticipated date. I really appreciate his professionalism and style. We hope to work with him again on our next project. Remodeling projects are always a real challenge, particularly when one considers the disturbance and mess that are created within the home. However, working with your whole staff made it that much less painful. We are always ready to recommend Mario to anyone who asks for a reference.

Preston SA-Bec Construction

A-Bec has worked for me on a couple of projects I’ve done, coming to the rescue for many of the projects that my home needs over time; everything from plumbing, to roofing, painting , tile work and flooring in kitchen area. Weve had one rental room renovation. In fact, he built an extra bedroom from scratch. I have been very happy with all of his work. He is very responsive and cooperative when we called Mario with anything we called him about. When an emergency would come about, he would get to our house as soon as he could.. A-Bec is also very clever when there is a problem that comes about and it needs to be solved! This is the only company I feel comfortable highly recommending to others.

Cameron P.A-Bec Construction

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